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 Immersive Real Estate Media Management 

Designing and drafting new construction, addition and renovation plans takes a special talent. Some clients can visualize black and white elevations and floor plans but many cannot. REMMersion helps with the cannots.

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: Photo-like 360°panoramic, virtual tours are here to stay. If you haven't yet, you will be asked, "can you show us what this will look like when it's done?"

MORE BUSINESS: Immersive virtual tours take your value proposition to the next level with your builder and broker clients and prospects. Imagine offering your plans in builder/broker branded virtual tours for their websites and social media sites. Oh, the possibilities.

GET NOTICED: Guess who home/business owners, builders and brokers show their immersive virtual tours to? EVERYONE! Guess who is branded in those virtual tours? You!

EFFICENCY: You learned how to draw plans. You could learn how to produce virtual tours, but will you? You could add staff, but will you? Can you even find someone? We consider our drafting clients as partners. As a good partner we WILL increase your revenue without taxing your already busy schedule.

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